Les Miserables


Fri Sep 6, 2013 – Sat Sep 28, 2013

Partner Organization

Balagan Theatre


Erickson Theatre Off Broadway
1524 Harvard Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Be at the barricade with Balagan this September as we create an intimate and immersive production of this global musical phenomenon, directed by our founder and Executive Director Jake Groshong, and starring Artistic Director Louis Hobson in his Balagan debut.Jean Valjean (Hobson) is a convict on the run, relentlessly hunted by Inspector Javert (Michael Dunlap). As Valjean fights to leave his past behind and fulfill his promise to protect young orphan Cosette, his nation explodes in passionate, heartbreaking revolution.Spend an evening on the streets of Paris with some of Seattle’s brightest up-and-coming talent – including Tessa Archer, Danielle Barnum, Heath Saunders, and Rob Scherzer – and experience Les Mis like never before.


Über-Fan vs. Newbie

We sent Monet Curnutt, a self-declared Les Mis über-fan and DeLancey Lane, who had "never seen Les Mis in any way," to review Balagan Theatre's production of Les Miserables. Here's what they each thought:

Monet Curnutt, the über-fan:

I truly have “A Heart Full of Love” for this production. Most people have something they have done throughout their entire life. For me, that’s enjoying Les Miserables. I have read the book, in-full, three times, listened to the cds countless times, and just the other night, I saw the most emotion-filled version of it I have ever seen. Hollywood...

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