Little Shop of Horrors


Sat Mar 8, 2014 – Sun Jun 15, 2014

Partner Organization

ACT Theatre


ACT Theatre
700 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Directed by Bill Berry
A co-production with the 5th Avenue Theatre

This delightfully demented comedy of hapless lovers, Seymour and Audrey, and a man-eating plant blends doo-wop, rock, and Motown into a hilarious send-up of B-movie horror flicks. Based on the film by Roger Corman. Ran for five years off-Broadway!


Everything Your Secret, Greasy Heart Desires

There’s a spaceship in the rafters.

At least, it looks like one. It’s white and ovate with jagged, tooth-like pieces of metal, conspicuously dangling among the stage lights overhead. I spent fifteen minutes wondering how an alien encounter could possibly fit into my painstaking research on the musical, the entire half paragraph of a Wikipedia synopsis that I skimmed beforehand. Then the house lights went dark, the twisted, purple wall onstage split wide open and a soulful trio of Skid Row Supremes (Nicole Rashida Prothro, Alexandria Henderson, Naomi Morgan) launched into the...

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