Nicolas Cage Match



SIFF Cinema Uptown
511 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Nic 'til you're sick with twelve straight hours of iconic, incredible performances from the one and only Nicolas Cage!

The unofficial god of the internets, Nic Cage's filmography runs the gamut from Oscar-winning dramas to 3D genre garbage, but no matter the role, his unstoppable talent is always running at 110%! Join us for 12 straight hours of his greatest roles: from white-trash baby loving criminal to heroic bunny loving convict; from blood-sucking yuppie to self-loathing screenwriter; and from crazed hallucinating motorcycle cop to crazed hallucinating New Orleans cop. Plus our favorite moments of Cage(d) heat, a food-truck dinner break featuring Cage-themed treats, and our guest host, The Stranger's Paul Constant.

11:00am - Raising Arizona
12:50pm - Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
3:00pm - Vampire's Kiss
6:00pm - Adaptation
8:00pm - Con Air
10:00pm - The Wicker Man

Program notes by Paul Constant:

Raising Arizona
This beloved Coen Brothers classic stars Cage as "Hi" McDunnough, a career criminal who marries a cop (Holly Hunter) and celebrates going straight the old-fashioned way: By stealing a baby from a furniture magnate. After Raising Arizona, the Coens never used Cage in another film, presumably because he was just too awesome.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Some critics missed the point of this hilarious-but-grubby Werner Herzog joint (MTV's Kurt Loder huffed, "Will Nicolas Cage ever make another movie that makes sense?") but audiences instantly got it. You can't put a cast like this together (Eva Mendes! Michael Shannon! Fairuza Balk! Xzibit! Brad Dourif! VAL KILMER!) and feature Nicolas Cage as a hunchbacked corrupt cop in post-Katrina N'awlins without creating something brilliant. The scene where Cage serenades an iguana is worth the price of admission on its own.

Vampire's Kiss
Take Cage as the douchiest young New York go-getter this side of Patrick Bateman, convince him he's a vampire after a freaky one-night stand, then stand back and watch the sparks fly in this little-seen gem. Cage eats a live cockroach-for real-and performs what must be the most memorable reading of the alphabet to ever grace the silver screen.

What's better than Nicolas Cage? Two Nicolas Cages! There are plenty of reasons to watch this movie-Meryl Streep proving she can even make a performance of a dial tone compelling, Chris Cooper's Oscar winning transformation, the magic that comes from pairing Spike Jonze with Charlie Kaufman, the hilarious Robert McKee riff-but Cage playing twin brothers is obviously the real draw, here.

Con Air
When Con Air was first released in 1997, the whole world understood that moviemaking as we knew it was pretty much over. Nicolas Cage stars as a repentant murderer stuck on an airplane that's been hijacked by the worst criminals in the world, including John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, and Dave Chapelle. Literal cinematic perfection!

The Wicker Man
Clearly, the only way to end a Nicolas Cage film festival is with a screening of the only movie that dares to dress Nicolas Cage up in a bear costume. NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! AAAAAAAAH! AA MY EYES! MY EYES! AAAAGGGGGHHH!

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