Sugar Daddies


Fri Oct 4, 2013 – Sun Nov 3, 2013

Partner Organization

ACT Theatre


ACT Theatre
700 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Directed by Alan Ayckbourn

Allen Theatre

ACT welcomes the great Sir Alan Ayckbourn to direct this American premiere of his 2003 “comedy of dark intentions,” about a naïve young student who rescues an old man dressed as Father Christmas from a hit-and-run driver and brings him back to the London flat she shares with her sister. As he showers her with gifts in a manner beyond polite gratitude and she accepts them in a way that begins to alter her personality, they embark on a dangerously Faustian game of mutual fantasy. They play roles in which no act can be taken at face value, no one is quite who they seem, and no good deed goes entirely unpunished.


Sweet Sweet Danger

Everyone knows what a "sugar daddy" is, but does innocent out-of-towner Sasha understand how dangerous they can be? When Sasha saves Val from getting hit by a car, Val seems like just another nice man trying to do good things in the world. When she hears just how sweet she is to his "Nephew Freddie," Sasha is even more convinced that Val is an amazing man. Her sister, Chloe, and downstairs neighbor, Ashlee, however, see right through him.

With this brilliant in-the-round show, you feel so in-tune with the actors and story that you just can't take your eyes off the beautifully...

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