The Walworth Farce


Fri Oct 4, 2013 – Sun Oct 27, 2013

Partner Organization

New Century Theatre Company


New City Theater
1404 18th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Cardboard coffins, a biscuit tin full of hidden cash, cans of Harp, countless costume changes, an "acting" trophy hanging in the balance…acclaimed Irish playwright Enda Walsh applies the frenetic antics of farce—an inherently British genre—to the story of an Irish immigrant and his two grown sons. Holed up in their grimy London flat, the trio re-enacts a peculiar family story on a daily basis, a bizarrely entertaining routine that has the sons attempting (and failing) to impress their overbearing father. Their only interaction with the outside world is a daily trip to the market for food props for their elaborate daily "play."  Until the day when a young women steps into the scene and throws the world inside the flat into a tail spin insighting violence, exposing deceit, and inspiring monumental devotion.


The Dark is a Better Place to Be

As I left the theater after seeing The Walworth Farce, I was already sending texts. I'll be seeing this play again tonight, and I'm bringing friends.

The Walworth Farce is a story about a father haunted by his ghosts who then forces his adult sons to reenact his past as a farce. This family is held together by little more than fear, obligation, and alcohol. And as the curtain goes up this family is on the verge of snapping.  When an outsider arrives, this family is sent into a psychotic tailspin. These tortured minds, and desperation along with a few bodies in the closet combine...

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