Become a TeenTix Partner

We love our Partners - and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without them. TeenTix Partners know that the key to a community filled with civicly engaged teens and young adults is to welcome them with open arms, honesty, and respect. TeenTix has two types of partnerships - Arts Partners, and Community Partners. Interested organizations should contact us for more information, or to begin the application process. Please be sure to read through the FAQ's.


We welcome new Arts Partners that help round out our roster of professional arts venues in the greater Seattle, and Tacoma areas. TeenTix considers new Arts Partners every Spring. Click here to see our list of current Arts Partners.

Becoming an Arts Partner:

  1. Review the requirements as outlined below.
  2. Pitch your organization! Contact us to set up a meeting with TeenTix staff and a teen representative from The New Guard Teen Arts Leadership Society, so you can ‘pitch’ your organization/company to TeenTix. This is your opportunity to tell us why your group values teens in our community, why it’s important to your organization to become a TeenTix partner, how your organization already includes teens in the work that you do, and how you hope to keep teens involved moving forward. Pitch meetings can be scheduled anytime during January - April of each year. Remember - teens are BUSY with before and after school activities! Please be prepared to accommodate teen schedules when arranging this meeting.
  3. Late Spring, The New Guard will review all potential new partners, looking over any materials sent over to speak for your organization. The teen representative you met with will then serve as your advocate in the meeting, explaining your organization's programs and opportunities, and leading the discussion on whether or not your organization should become a TeenTix Arts Partner before voting. You’ll need a majority vote to become a TeenTix Partner.
  4. If approved, new Arts Partners will enter into an official agreement with TeenTix. TeenTix staff will work directly with you to onboard your organization. All new partners will be announced within a month after The New Guard official vote. If you were not approved, we will contact you to let you know why. Any organization that does not recieve approval for an Arts Partnership can consider a Community Partnership as an alternative way to work with TeenTix.


TeenTix provides Seattle-area teenagers with access to the highest quality arts experiences. A TeenTix Arts Partner must therefore meet the following criteria:

  • The organization must be engaged in the presentation of visual art, dance, theatre, music, literary art, film, or performance art as its primary function.
  • The organization must be professional arts organization, defined as an organization that employs and pays professional artists.
  • The organization must have a dedicated performance space with a capacity of at least 100.
  • The organization must have a dedicated admissions office. Ticketing cannot be conducted through a third party.
  • The organization must have been in existence for a minimum of three years.
  • The organization must produce programming on a minimum of 50 dates per calendar year.
  • The organization must not be primarily educational in focus, with the exception of college/university-level professional training programs. Please consider a Community Partnership if you are primarily educational in focus.
  • The organization must be recognized in its field for providing high quality artistic programming.


Community Partners share our values and support our mission of making art accessible to young people. If you provide arts education, volunteer opportunities, teen leadership programs, camps, internships or jobs or volunteer opportunities, or super great youth-focused resources, a TeenTix Community Partnership might be just right for you! Click here to see our current list of Community Partners.

Becoming a Community Partner:

  1. Review the requirements as outlined below.
  2. Contact us to set up a meeting with TeenTix staff to talk to us about becoming a Community Partner! Community Partners need aproval of TeenTix staff only - this partnership does not go to The New Guard for a vote.
  3. If approved, new Community Partners will enter into an official agreement with TeenTix. TeenTix staff will work directly with you to onboard your organization.


  • The organization must support TeenTix's mission, values, and programs.
  • The organization must offer arts-engaged teens portals for civic and/or educational engagement in greater Seattle and Tacoma areas.


  • Exceptions to both Arts and Community Partner criteria may be made at the discretion of TeenTix and The New Guard, especially in cases where organizations expand the cultural or artistic diversity of TeenTix’s partner organizations, or represent unique or exceptional achievement in a particular field. Festivals, and other periodic arts-based activities that do not fit the above criteria may also be acceptable for similar reasons.


Tips for your 'PITCH' to The New Guard!

  1. Invite The New Guard to a show or exhibit as a ‘preview’ to the type of work you do! The more teens on The New Guard that are familiar with your work, the more advocates you have when it comes to the vote.
  2. Write an email or record a short video to share with The New Guard at-large! This has been especially helpful if teens are unable to make it to an event put on by your organization, they can still see who 'you' are through the message you send.

I would like TeenTix's help in promoting a single event. Do you do that?
We generally do not promote one-off events at venues that are not at TeenTix partner organizations. Exception: if your organization is not a TeenTix Arts or Community Partner, but you are presenting at a venue or with an Partner that is one, we can most likely promote your event, provided it meets some basic criteria. Please contact us for more information.

If we want to offer TeenTix tickets, can't we just add a $5 ticket price to our ticketing site and call it "TeenTix"?
No! We think it's great that you want to welcome teens to your event, and, of course, your organization should offer whatever ticket prices you like, but you CAN NOT label your youth ticket "TeenTix" unless you have signed a formal agreement with us to become a TeenTix Arts or Community Partner organization. TeenTix is a trademarked brand that may not be used without permission.

I would like TeenTix's help promoting a non-professional arts event (such as a student musical at a high school). Do you do that?
Although we know that many of our members are involved in the arts, and we would love to be able to help you promote your work, we simply don't have the resources or space to help promote all of the events that would come our way if we started doing this. As we continue to improve our online presence, we may be able to add some functionality to our website wherein TeenTix members could submit and promote their own events.

I represent an organization or community outside of the Seattle/Tacoma areas that is interested in creating something similar to TeenTix. Can you help us get started?
Absolutely. We would be glad to talk to you about what we do and how we do it. We can also offer opportunities to partner with us in a more formal consulting and/or licensing arrangement. Please contact us for more information. Please do note that the TeenTix brand is proprietary, and any entity using it without authorization will be formally asked to stop doing so.