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SCT’s got 10 questions for actor Mickey Rowe

Check out Seattle Children's Theatre's new blog SCT Behind the Curtain, currently featuring an interview with Disney's High School Musical star (and Teen Tix member!) Mickey Rowe. Here's a snippet:

Why do you do what you do?

That is a hard question to answer… Why does a Business Man do what he does? Well, I’m not in it for the money. I guess I do theatre because it is what I am passionate about. It makes me tick. I like...
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Fate turns unexpectedly in this Shakespearean adventure

Review of Pericles by Delaney M., age 15

The play Pericles is currently running at Seattle Shakespeare Company (SSC). Pericles was written by William Shakespeare, and SSC’s version is directed by Sheila Daniels. The role of Pericles is played by Reginald André Jackson, Thaisa is played by Alycia Delmore, and Marina is played by Kate Czajkowski. Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Artistic Director, Stephanie Shine, also plays the...Read more →

Unique and romantic, IBT’s Dracula equals Halloween fun

Review of Dracula by Paulina P., age 17

Ballet is not my forte. Seldom do I elect to go and see one, no matter what the piece, but Dracula really kept me entertained. It was my first time to Vera Altunina’s International Ballet Theatre (IBT) and I was surprised that there even was a ballet for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I knew the story, and wondered how they would interpret the story of this great vampire. I tried to look for...Read more →

Interview:  Alycia Delmore

By Delaney M., age 15

Last week I met Alycia Delmore, a 30-year-old local actress, at the Starbucks in the Center House. Alycia is tall and has shoulder length dark brown hair. She was dressed in the typical Seattle fashion of jeans, a sweater, a puffy vest, and a scarf. She’s currently starring in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Pericles. Intrigued by Alycia’s interest in Shakespearean theater, I set off with a long list of...

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Scary, funny and a little bit silly, Sleepy Hollow captures the Halloween spirit

Review of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Cindy C.

It was a dark and stormy night – perfect conditions to see one of the most classic Halloween stories brought to life by the Driftwood Players on a small stage in Edmonds - Washington Irving’s classic story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I had never been to Edmonds, let alone to the Wade James Theatre, so I was surprised at the small size of the venue. The maximum occupancy was...Read more →

Smart, witty and fast, The Women just ropes you in

Review of The Women by Paulina P., age 17

Susanna Wilson, Anne Allgood, Julie Briskman and Emily Cedergreen are just a few of The Women
Photo by Chris Bennion

It was an adventure to get down to Seattle to see The Women at the ACT Theatre and I had no idea what to expect. I did not recall seeing any shows directed by Warner Shook, had actually never seen a performance at the ACT Theatre, and had never heard of the playwright. I...Read more →

Inspirational Dinah Was brings a legend to life

Review of Dinah Was by Jenny B., age 18

Stephanie Hatley stars as Dinah Washington
Photo by Andre Helmstetter

I’m sure that every jazz musician knows the story of Dinah Was, the opening show of the 2007–2008 season at the Seattle Parks and Recreation's Langston Hughes Performing Art Center (LHPAC). Directed by Jacqueline Moscou and staring Stephanie Scott-Hatley, this inspiring production follows the life of the amazing jazz...Read more →

Murder, Made Funny

Review of Murderers by Emma K., age 16

Sarah Rudinoff as Minka in Murderers
Photo by Chris Bennion

Murder may not be your typical topic for a comedy, but it is certainly entertaining. Currently playing at Seattle Repertory Theatre, Murderers, by former actor Jeffrey Hatcher, is a compilation of three monologues, each told by an unlikely murder suspect residing at the Riddle Key Retirement Community. Steven Dietz creatively directs...Read more →

Eclectic Samedis gives a glimpse into a more honest side of dance

Review of Les Samedis de la Danse by Jennifer K., age 17

Photo by Michael Thatcher

Most of us will never perform in a ballet. The closest we come is attending one or two performances of The Nutcracker. Watching a ballet is a magical experience, but behind the glittering costumes and ethereal movement is the intense, exhausting, and often painful practice of dancing. Les Samedis de la Danse gives audiences a peek into that...Read more →

Hilarious, strange Bat Boy is not for the faint of heart

Review of Bat Boy: The Musical by Elisabeth S.

Troy Wageman is Bat Boy
Photo by Matthew Durham

I've been living in a cave - but obviously not the same one as Bat Boy.

If I had been, I would have known about his theatre debut, the spawn of a tabloid phenomena that has graced the shelves of grocery stores for years. The theatre production in his honor, however, has grabbed more attention for Bat Boy than any cheap gossip column ever...Read more →

Jennifer K’s High School Musical Review

Photo by Chris Bennion

High School Musical fever has swept the nation. Since its first appearance in January, 2006, the Disney Channel Original Movie has enjoyed outrageous amounts of success. Maybe you love the movie, maybe you hate it, or perhaps you’ve never watched it. Whatever your position, Seattle Children’s Theatre is bringing you a stage-adaptation of the movie that has everyone singing. It’s directed by Linda...Read more →

Rachel N’s The Importance of Being Earnest Review

Charity Parenzini as Gwendolen, Kevin Brady as John Worthing and Pam Nolte as Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest.
Photo by Matthew Lawrence.

What do you get when you combine a beautifully detailed set, phenomenal actors, an evening full of laughs, and an over-all dazzling show? Say hello to Taproot Theatre Company’s newest production, The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by Karen Lund. Earnest was originally...Read more →

Since this is a popular show that might sell out, ...

Since this is a popular show that might sell out, Intiman Theater is also selling reserved seat tickets for $10 to anyone under 25 years old. You can get them at the box office (in advance) or purchase at their website with a credit card.

Hi.  Thanks for commenting (and actually reading t…

Hi. Thanks for commenting (and actually reading the reviews!)

I just wanted to say that the reviews are positive this week because the reviewers happened to like the shows that they saw. I'm sure that that won't always be the case, but I don't think it's accurate to say that there is no critique. Each of these reviewers give specific examples of what they liked, and they comment on how those elements fit into the overall...Read more →

Well, nevermind for this one anyway. I reread it a…

Well, nevermind for this one anyway. I reread it and I must of skipped over the puking part.

This is just a general comment because I couldn’t ...

This is just a general comment because I couldn't find another place to put it. Why are all these reviews so positive? Where's the balanced reporting in that? It doesn't help give you an idea of whether you'd want to see these shows if they're just overflowing and oozing with compliments and no critique.

Jenny B’s Twelfe Night Review

Photo by Chris Bennion

After five years of not performing Shakespeare at the Seattle Repertory Theatre this performance of Twelfe Night leaves the audience wondering “Why not?” The combination of the set, scene changes, and a modern twist gave the appearance of modern day while still capturing Shakespeare’s language. “If music be the food of love play on.” This is one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes from the...Read more →

Delaney M’s All Balanchine Review

Prodigal Son
Photo by Angela Sterling

The opening night of PNB’s All Balanchine Ballet, which is currently playing at McCaw Hall, consisted of three pieces of the famous choreographer George Balanchine’s work: Square Dance, Prodigal Son, and Ballet Imperial. Square Dance is a contemporary ballet with influences from 17th century court dance, American country dance, and classical ballet. Square Dance was staged by Peter Boal,...Read more →

Renee A’s To Kill a Mockingbird Review

Photo by Chris Bennion

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the charming Intiman Theater. The play, adapted by Christopher Sergel, was based on the famous book by Harper Lee. This eye opening play was directed by Fracaswell Hyman and incorporates a set (designed by Alec Hammond) that helps send your mind into the sleepy southern town where the story takes place. The basic theme of “don’t judge...Read more →

Ori R.‘s Snow Falling On Cedars Review

Differences can bring problems, but can also bring love. Snow Falling on Cedars tells such a tale, filled with intrigue, romance, and history. The story of the Japanese Internment is told as a flashback during a trial, while a romance weaves its way through the years. The story takes place mainly in Washington State, helping the audience realize that the Internment was not actually so far from home as they might imagine. This...Read more →