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Rachel N’s The Importance of Being Earnest Review

Charity Parenzini as Gwendolen, Kevin Brady as John Worthing and Pam Nolte as Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest.
Photo by Matthew Lawrence.

What do you get when you combine a beautifully detailed set, phenomenal actors, an evening full of laughs, and an over-all dazzling show? Say hello to Taproot Theatre Company’s newest production, The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by Karen Lund. Earnest was originally...Read more →

Since this is a popular show that might sell out, ...

Since this is a popular show that might sell out, Intiman Theater is also selling reserved seat tickets for $10 to anyone under 25 years old. You can get them at the box office (in advance) or purchase at their website with a credit card.

Hi.  Thanks for commenting (and actually reading t…

Hi. Thanks for commenting (and actually reading the reviews!)

I just wanted to say that the reviews are positive this week because the reviewers happened to like the shows that they saw. I'm sure that that won't always be the case, but I don't think it's accurate to say that there is no critique. Each of these reviewers give specific examples of what they liked, and they comment on how those elements fit into the overall...Read more →

Well, nevermind for this one anyway. I reread it a…

Well, nevermind for this one anyway. I reread it and I must of skipped over the puking part.

This is just a general comment because I couldn’t ...

This is just a general comment because I couldn't find another place to put it. Why are all these reviews so positive? Where's the balanced reporting in that? It doesn't help give you an idea of whether you'd want to see these shows if they're just overflowing and oozing with compliments and no critique.

Jenny B’s Twelfe Night Review

Photo by Chris Bennion

After five years of not performing Shakespeare at the Seattle Repertory Theatre this performance of Twelfe Night leaves the audience wondering “Why not?” The combination of the set, scene changes, and a modern twist gave the appearance of modern day while still capturing Shakespeare’s language. “If music be the food of love play on.” This is one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes from the...Read more →

Delaney M’s All Balanchine Review

Prodigal Son
Photo by Angela Sterling

The opening night of PNB’s All Balanchine Ballet, which is currently playing at McCaw Hall, consisted of three pieces of the famous choreographer George Balanchine’s work: Square Dance, Prodigal Son, and Ballet Imperial. Square Dance is a contemporary ballet with influences from 17th century court dance, American country dance, and classical ballet. Square Dance was staged by Peter Boal,...Read more →

Renee A’s To Kill a Mockingbird Review

Photo by Chris Bennion

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the charming Intiman Theater. The play, adapted by Christopher Sergel, was based on the famous book by Harper Lee. This eye opening play was directed by Fracaswell Hyman and incorporates a set (designed by Alec Hammond) that helps send your mind into the sleepy southern town where the story takes place. The basic theme of “don’t judge...Read more →

Ori R.‘s Snow Falling On Cedars Review

Differences can bring problems, but can also bring love. Snow Falling on Cedars tells such a tale, filled with intrigue, romance, and history. The story of the Japanese Internment is told as a flashback during a trial, while a romance weaves its way through the years. The story takes place mainly in Washington State, helping the audience realize that the Internment was not actually so far from home as they might imagine. This...Read more →

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"I saw my first plays with Teen Tix and haven't stopped yet...Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have always appreciated the arts, but this makes the arts accessible."

"Thanks for all of your hard work for Teen Tix. It has really opened up doors for me to be able to see several different plays and ballets I never would have been able to afford otherwise. Thanks again!"

"Hi, I'd just like to say THANKS!!! Teen Tix is amazing!...Read more →