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All that, and more

Review of The Neverending Story by Emma K., age 16

Any story containing magical lands, a courageous hero, fantastical beasts and a subtle moral is bound to provide a child with endless entertainment. The Neverending Story, currently playing at Seattle Children’s Theatre, has all this and more.

Michael Place as Atreyu and Hans Altwies as Falkor in The Neverending Story
Photo by Chris Bennion

It is the story of a young boy names...

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IBT’s Nutcracker delivers tradition and beauty - with a few bobbles

Review of The Nutcracker by Rachel N., age 15

If someone told you they had no clue what a Sugarplum Fairy was, you’d think they were nuts! That goes to show just how famous the Russian ballet The Nutcracker has become, despite its flop premier in December of 1892. Although International Ballet Theater’s performance of this classic held fast to its traditional beauty, with stunning pas de deux performances by Russian dancers...Read more →

The more you give, the more you get

Review of The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol by Jennifer K., age 17

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a profound piece of writing with a cautionary theme that has touched many readers during the Christmas season. The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society has transformed it into a comedic romp full of mishaps and bursting...Read more →

Sacrificing what you love

Review of The Gifts of the Magi by Emma M., age 13

The short story “The Gifts of the Magi” by O. Henry is a Christmas classic about two newlyweds, Jim and Della, who are living in New York City in 1905. They struggle to get by with Jim out of work and there simply isn’t enough money for Christmas gifts. So they each sacrifice the possessions they love the most to give each other a Christmas gift.

Jessica Skerrit as Della

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I was not there, but heard from a couple who were,...

I was not there, but heard from a couple who were, and they said Sanjaya sounded fabulous!

On catchy songs and clapping

Review of Black Nativity by Bianca G., age 18

It’s exciting, a chance for people who aren’t members of a gospel church to finally stand up and scarrream hallelujah for the price of a theatre ticket. And if anything can bring old and young people together, black and white people together, it’s a song that is catchy as all get out.

Photo by Chris Bennion

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You can tell he likes rats

Review of Peter Pan by Paulina P., age 17

“You can tell he likes rats,” whispered the young girl, sitting on her mother’s lap to my left. That comment made me smile and realize how good an introduction to theater this piece is. It has a familiar story with elements that are unique to the theater and this production. There were no flying teenagers or elaborate Victoria interiors but adapter and director Joy Marzec succeeded...Read more →

The truth about “La Bamba” and other discoveries

Review of American Sabor by Renee A., age 16

Here in Seattle we are blessed with such a great variety of venues that offer all sorts of enrichment for our minds. One such establishment is the Experience Music Project, which I luckily got a chance to visit last Sunday, to check out their new exhibit American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music. The exhibit focuses on the influence Latinos have had in American music and its...Read more →

Bring your BIG imagination (and your little brother) to this kid-friendly show

Review of The Big Friendly Giant by Delaney M., age 15

The play The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) is currently running at Seattle Children’s Theater. The BFG is based on the book by Roald Dahl. This play was adapted by David Wood and directed by Rita Giomi. The BFG is played by Charles Leggett. Sophie is played by Jennifer Sue Johnson.

Jennifer Sue Johnson and Charles Leggett in The Big Friendly Giant. Photo by Chris Bennion.

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Powerful performances bring difficult realities to life in Birdie Blue

Review of Birdie Blue by Jennifer K., 17

Birdie Blue packs for a trip, and, as many travelers do, she becomes nostalgic. Throughout this 90-minute play, Birdie recalls events and characters that have touched her, and the audience is swept up into the turbulence of her past.

Birdie Blue, put on by Seattle Repertory Theater, is directed by Chuck Smith and written by Cheryl L. West. West is a noted playwright who often deals with...Read more →

High energy and colorful, this Joseph is a musical theatre-lovers dream

Review of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Lauren C., age 16

A musical theatre lover’s dream, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a smorgasbord of musical styles, including an Elvis-style song, country music, and a disco beat. Plus, there isn’t a single spoken word in the show.

Based on the biblical story of Joseph, who is sold into slavery in Egypt and then climbs the ranks of society because of his...Read more →

Life Lessons

Review of Repertoire by Elisabeth S.

I liked Velocity Dance Studio, where Next Stage Dance Theatre’s Repertoire was playing, the moment I walked up the stairs and into the main lobby. It was very warm, a happy alternative to the biting winter air outside. The petite woman who took my ticket was just as warm as the room, and as I waited for the house doors to open, I became increasingly excited for the impending performance....Read more →

This Sci-Fi classic challenges the viewer…in more ways than one

Review of Metropolis @ SIFF Cinema by Ori R., age 17

In 2026, the rich revel in the pleasures of the future as the poor are forced to live underground, working on the machines that power the overworld. A New Tower of Babel houses the man who rules over it all. This is the premise of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. The film was revolutionary for its time, combining ancient philosophies with futuristic technology, including the idea of...Read more →

Kitchen Confidential:  The Cook reveals a lesser-known side of Cuba’s history

Review of The Cook by Jenny B., age 18

The Cook brings to Seattle Repertory Theatre a whole new perspective on a historical event. When talking about Fidel Castro’s takeover of Cuba, we always seem to discuss the people who left Cuba, and not those who stayed behind. This story steps you through the gain and loss that the average Cuban family went through during this period.

Zabryna Guevara as Gladys, the cook, Jessica Pimentel...Read more →

It was an amazing show, and I the character playin…

It was an amazing show, and I the character playing Jem Finch is my friend. It was ana overall really good show.

The thrill of spectacle

Review of Contemporary Classics by Emma K., age 16

Dance is one of the most versatile and mesmerizing art forms. Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Contemporary Classics is a truly spectacular testament to this fact. Dancers from PNB’s troupe of forty-five perform four separate pieces, each more unique and stunning than the last.

The first piece, Agon, recently marked its 50th anniversary. First performed by the New York City Ballet,...Read more →

SCT’s got 10 questions for actor Mickey Rowe

Check out Seattle Children's Theatre's new blog SCT Behind the Curtain, currently featuring an interview with Disney's High School Musical star (and Teen Tix member!) Mickey Rowe. Here's a snippet:

Why do you do what you do?

That is a hard question to answer… Why does a Business Man do what he does? Well, I’m not in it for the money. I guess I do theatre because it is what I am passionate about. It makes me tick. I like...
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Fate turns unexpectedly in this Shakespearean adventure

Review of Pericles by Delaney M., age 15

The play Pericles is currently running at Seattle Shakespeare Company (SSC). Pericles was written by William Shakespeare, and SSC’s version is directed by Sheila Daniels. The role of Pericles is played by Reginald André Jackson, Thaisa is played by Alycia Delmore, and Marina is played by Kate Czajkowski. Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Artistic Director, Stephanie Shine, also plays the...Read more →

Unique and romantic, IBT’s Dracula equals Halloween fun

Review of Dracula by Paulina P., age 17

Ballet is not my forte. Seldom do I elect to go and see one, no matter what the piece, but Dracula really kept me entertained. It was my first time to Vera Altunina’s International Ballet Theatre (IBT) and I was surprised that there even was a ballet for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I knew the story, and wondered how they would interpret the story of this great vampire. I tried to look for...Read more →

Interview:  Alycia Delmore

By Delaney M., age 15

Last week I met Alycia Delmore, a 30-year-old local actress, at the Starbucks in the Center House. Alycia is tall and has shoulder length dark brown hair. She was dressed in the typical Seattle fashion of jeans, a sweater, a puffy vest, and a scarf. She’s currently starring in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Pericles. Intrigued by Alycia’s interest in Shakespearean theater, I set off with a long list of...

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