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The first time Alyssa Trinh used her TeenTix pass, she was nervous.




She and her friend felt “awkward and out of place,” and were petrified as they approached the ticket booth, TeenTix passes in hand. But the transaction was miraculously smooth.

“Walking away from the ticket booth with two symphony tickets in our hands, my friend and I were in disbelief that TeenTix actually worked. Did we really just...

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Living Emotion

Review of Morlot Conducts Mahler at Seattle Symphony by River V.

Daydreaming of what could be. It’s something we all do. Usually you wake up and forget it all together. How do you remember something you know you’re going to forget? You write it down, in paragraphs, in sentences, in phrases, etc. Gustav Mahler takes the phrases past word and into the linguistic expression of music. He turns words into a tone which we all...

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Join in a Fantastic Journey!

Seattle Public Theater Winter Break Camps Now Open for Enrollment
Seattle Public Theater is excited to announce their Winter Break theater camps, Curiosity: Journey to Mars, directed by Zoey Cane Belyea and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Kaya Wynn--both at the historic Bathhouse Theater on Green Lake. Financial aid is available for all camps.
ABOUT WINTER BREAK CAMPS  In Curiosity: Journey to Mars,...
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Suffocating Angst

Review of Jack and Diane at Northwest Film Forum by Anika M.

Twilight-y. Not in a good way.

Jack and Diane tells the love story of two teenage girls with the added element of their inner monstrous transformation. I am unsure of the original intent of director Bradley Rust Gray because this movie seems to lack commitment and development within its plot, themes, and characters and all together looks like a mess of repetitive scenes...Read more →

An Exciting Ride on Life’s Roller Coaster

Review of Avenue Q at Balagan Theatre by Sam H-A.



What's your purpose? Do you KNOW your purpose? Well, Princeton doesn't. Except instead of Princeton being played by an actor, onstage singing and dancing, he's a puppet WITH an actor.  Onstage, singing and dancing.  So are most of the residents on Avenue Q, including Kate and Lucy (the love interests), the Bad News Bears (see name), and Trekkie Monster...

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Work for the Laser Dome!

Do you enjoy music and laser shows?  Are you a smiling, team player and customer oriented?  Do you love Pacific Science Center?

Then we have an opportunity for you!!

Pacific Science Center is currently seeking Laser Dome Ushers.   
Seeking volunteers that love lasers, music, and helping people.  
Must be 16 or older.  A great opportunity for teens.

More details on the opportunity is available here:...
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The Never-Disappearing Wall

Review of Amarillo at On the Boards by Melissa C.

Beautiful, creative, and moving. These are the words I use to describe Amarillo. The use of sand, water, clothing, cigarettes, point of view, multi-media, dance, color, light, movement, and voice were nothing short of perfection.

In Amarillo, the tale of the illegal immigrant making his way to the U.S. and back is told almost entirely in Spanish with English translations projected...Read more →

Tastes Like Life

Review of The Glass Menagerie at Seattle Repertory Theatre by Joyce R.

Photo by Alan Alabastro

The contents of The Glass Menagerie are few; one room and four and a half characters: Tom Wingfield, Laura Wingfield, Amanda Wingfield, the gentleman caller, and a picture of Mr. Wingfield, staring at them through it all.

With so little to work with, it’s expected that not much happens, and that’s partially true. In the one room where...Read more →

A Beautiful Landscape

Review of Landscape of the Body at UW School of Drama by Sam H-A.

Photo by Frank Rosenstein

The stage is dark except for one guardrail. A woman stands, feverishly looking over her shoulder, frantically writing on sheets of paper. Stuffing them in a bottle. Throwing them over the edge. A man comes up behind her and you are swept up in a conversation that has no meaning to you. Words like "confession" and "yes." Short and curt....Read more →

Rather Ambitious

Review of All Premiere at Pacific Northwest Ballet by Jennie K.

PNB's All Premiere showcases four world premiere works on one program. Although it seems rather ambitious, the ballet company manages to pull together four distinctly beautiful pieces.





Andrew Bartee’s arms that work
Photo © Angela Sterling.

First in the program is arms that work with music by Barret Anspach and...

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Awesome Punch

Review of Antony & Cleopatra at Seattle Shakespeare Company by Alyssa T.

Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Antony and Cleopatra is the young Arnold Schwarzenegger of theater: it’s dramatic, sexy, romantic, it sounds kind of funny, and it sure knows how to pack an awesome punch. In terms of all other plays I have seen prior to this, Antony and Cleopatra is truly the full package. It does for theater what Carmen does for the...

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Congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations to all of you!

Casual Friday

Review of Haydn’s Drumroll Symphony at Seattle Symphony by Rheanna M.

Friday, October 19th marked the first of the Seattle Symphony’s ‘Untuxed’ Series, and it will definitely not be the last. Waiting for the musicians to enter the stage, I had forgotten about the ‘Untuxed’ part of the concert and was taken aback by the wash of colors that flooded the stage. The normal-but-still-nice clothing donned by the musicians made the...

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Get Your Sugarplums On

As all you old school Teen Tixers know, Pacific Northwest Ballet's wildly popular Nutcracker ballet is the only PNB show all year that is not Teen Tix eligible.  Sad face.  However, every year, because they love us so much, PNB puts aside a little stash of Teen Tix tickets for one Nutcracker performance.  Happy face!

This year's Teen Tix-able Nutcracker show is Thursday, December 27th @ 5:30.

There are NO companion (2 for $10)...
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Wow wow wow. Last night was awesome.

Last night the Seattle theatre community got all dressed up and celebrated itself at the Gregory Awards(they're kind of like our very own local Tony Awards). It's always a fun, heartwarming event, but last night was especially special for us because last night included the first ever presentation of the Gregory Award for Outstanding Teen Critic, recognizing an outstanding contribution to...

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Truly Moving (and Surprisingly Funny!)

Review of The Ramayana at ACT Theatre by Chloe L.
Once upon a time there was a prince named Rama. His story is called The Ramayana.






Photo by LaRae Lobdell

This story is old. It is considered the first poem to be written in India and was passed on orally long before it was written down. Its plot is captivating: full of talking animals, daemons, giants, kidnappings, war, and...

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A Realistic and Phantasmagoric Play

Review of Fefu and Her Friends at Cornish College of the Arts by Tracy M.




Fefu and Her Friends, a play by Cuban-American playwright Maria Irene Fornes, is set in New England in the Spring of 1935. Directed by Paul Budraitis, the play takes you through three sections in which you are invited to engage closely with the scenes and the narrative. Budraitis cleverly presents the play by dividing the scenes into...

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Real real life

Review of No Look Pass at Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival by Sam H-A.

A senior at Harvard, Emily Tay is the only women's backetball player at her school. She's trying to make it in the big leagues and make her immigrant family proud, all while keeping a secret. No Look Pass is a real documentary in which you feel so close to Emily, it brings tears to your eyes.

Living with her best friend, but about to graduate, she faces...Read more →

A New World

Review of Mississippi I Am at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival by Jessika G.



Have you ever felt like you had to keep a secret or your entire state would turn their back on you? In Mississippi I Am, Lance Bass ('N Sync) and several other locals share their experiences of being part of the LGBT community in Mississippi. In this fascinating short documentary, each story eventually led its teller to join the...

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Why Do We Need An Award For Outstanding Teen Critic?

Hello, Holly Arsenault here. I am one of the people who run the TeenTix program.

In case you haven't heard, this year's Theatre Puget Sound Gregory Awards will include a new category: Outstanding Teen Critic. The nominees for this year's award were all drawn from this very blog--they are members of our Teen Press Corps who wrote theatre reviews during this year's eligibility period.

On TPS's facebook page recently, a...

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