Unraveling the Mysteries of Sisterly Love

A review of WET's The Things Are Against Us by Elizabeth V.F.​

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The Things Are Against Us is a trip on the dark side of the alley when the shadows seem to move behind you. Equal parts hilarious and terrifying, this play is a story of sisterly love that leaves viewers on an emotional roller coaster, and ultimately, not sure how they’re feeling. The play blends old descriptive language with modern verbiage seamlessly in the world playwright Susan Soon He Stanton creates. Having written the play while living next to the Edward Gorey Estate, the play delves into a sense of horrifying normality where things that would normally require hours of background are addressed in a staccato fashion establishing them as ordinary and acceptable.

Though at times hard to follow, the play never loses interest. Seemingly “un-producible,” Washington Ensemble Theater brings to life the story of Solange and her sister Tessa with a beautifully and wondrously constructed set and intense and compelling on-stage relationships.

This play is a must see for anyone who enjoys living in the uncertain. It leaves viewers unraveling mysteries for days afterwards and weaving their own realities. This is the last weekend for a play that feels like it could be watched 100 times and still reveal new layers.

Highly recommended.

Elizabeth V.F. serves on TeenTix's The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society, and self-submitted this review.

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