Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory
305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

  • Allswell

A Fairytale of Love and War: Shakespeare’s bittersweet comedy of a woman who pursues her heart’s desire without needing to disguise her true self… or wear pants.

It’s a world in decline where leaders are failing and wars loom large. Smart and unwavering, Helena has pinned her heart to Bertram. He wants nothing to do with her and runs off to the wars for adventure and to escape his newly- arranged marriage. So Helena follows him. Overcoming obstacles and aided by a fantastic collection of comic characters, the two begin separate journeys towards each other, both learning about the paradox of holding love tight as well as letting go.

Not only is Shakespeare’s “serious comedy” modern in its discussion about the complicated relationships between men and women, but it’s also rich in examining differing generational views on how to find your own way in the world.


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