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Here's the thing, I am mostly known for comedy. It's true, I'm a funny guy. But this is not that. This is not about whimsical talking animals. This is the story about how ten years ago my first husband's addiction took me by surprise and drove a freight train through my world. It's about the destruction of all that was beautiful and dear to me. It's about my efforts to make sense of it and re-build my life.This strange journey is illustrated with quilts that I made as I was finding my way back to life. Quilts that you will get a chance to check out up close and personal.

Scot Augustson is an award losing playwright whose dogged persistence in the arts continues to baffle observers. He is the creator of the shadow puppet troupe Sgt Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes and the writer of the cult classic Penguins, which ran as a serial late night show at Annex Theatre for several years. Scot has also been responsible for the Christmas shenanigans at Cafe Nordo these past few years. Just to confuse people Augustson has taken up textile art and is now dabbling in Outsider Quilting. To pay the rent he answers the phone at a natural history museum.

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