Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory
305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

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“How Wonderful, How Very Wonderful the Operations of Time, and the Changes of the Human Mind!”

Come celebrate the wit and wisdom of one of our most beloved authors of all time—Jane Austen! By gathering a single suggestion at the beginning of each performance, our intrepid cast of professional long-form improvisers will take us to the Regency era, to drawing rooms and manor houses, to revel in the spirit of the works we know so well. When we unlace the constraints of propriety, anything is possible!

Why We Chose This Work: There is nothing better in the darkening days of late Fall than a little romance, a little fantasy, and little escape. Jane Austen gives contemporary audiences just that, and improvisation brings fun to a whole new level. With the world still reeling from crisis, we feel a show that embodies the juxtaposition of order and structure, which the Regency is famous for, with the unplanned and inspired, which improv allows us, is the perfect way to get us ready to head into the holiday season.

For Fans Of: The works of Jane Austen, Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, Carols and Chaos by Cindy Anstey

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