Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory
305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

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Hear! Listen! Hwaet!

As we gather together in the dark to hear a tale of long, long ago, so too did the thegns and folk gather in the King’s hall seeking shelter from the beasts that lurk in the night.

Our hero, Beowulf, travels to King Hrothgar’s land to defeat a monster and save a kingdom, for that is what great heroes do. But Grendel, the creature condemned by God, is grim and vengeful, strong and horrible. Beowulf and a few brave enough to join him, embark on the quest to vanquish the foul fiend. Courage, cunning, and might may win the day and the laurels of battle, but once an adventurer, always an adventurer. Beowulf’s life continues anon with heroic and mighty deeds until a Dragon is awoken and the elder statesman must face a final test of his bravery, alone. This mythic tale, over one thousand years old, cries to be experienced aloud, reminding us of the importance of a good story well told.

Why We Chose This Story: The tradition of oral storytelling is the nexus of literature and theatre, so what better way to honor the legacy of story and the return to in-person theatre than bringing to life a written adaptation of a spoken epic poem. This historical through-line is a poignant reminder of where we come from. And a grand adventure with swords and monsters is just good fun!

For Fans Of: Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Homer’s The Iliad, Stoker’s Dracula

Content Warning for This Play: Graphic and explicit descriptions of violence, blood, and gore.

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