Henry Art Gallery
Northeast Seattle, Seattle

  • Screen Shot 2018 10 16 At 1 35 10 Pm

This group exhibition includes sculpture, augmented reality, video, and sound-based works that delve into intimate exchanges and entwined relations between human and more-than-human bodies within contexts of ongoing ecological change. Ranging from speculative fiction to place-based narrative, these artworks blur the false divide between nature and culture, and question what it means to be human in a time of global climate change and environmental transformation.

Sensory and affective explorations are central to the artworks in this exhibition, calling attention to the limits of quantified data and the compartmentalizing structures of Western scientific study. Thus, Between Bodies relates to intersections of bodies of knowledge as well. Multiple forms of intelligence converge and flow in and through this collection of work, inviting manifold ways of thinking and imagining life on a damaged planet.

As part of Between Bodies, regular screenings of A Gente Rio by Carolina Caycedo will take place in the Henry Auditorium.


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