Intiman Theatre


Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse
4045 University Way Northeast, Northeast Seattle, Seattle

  • Bulrusher

In 1955, in the redwood country north of San Francisco, a multiracial girl grows up in a predominantly white town whose residents pepper their speech with the historical dialect of Boontling. Found floating in a basket on the river as an infant, Bulrusher is an orphan with a gift for clairvoyance that makes her feel like a stranger even amongst the strange: the reserved schoolteacher who adopted her as a baby, the madam who runs her brothel with a fairness and discipline, the Black logger with a gentleness and a passion for living, and the guitar-slinging white boy who is after Bulrusher’s heart. Just when she thought her small world might stifle her, she discovers an entirely new place in her identity, when a black girl from Alabama comes to town. Passionate, lyrical, and brimming with down-home humor, this play is an unforgettable experience in revisioning community.

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