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"Connotations" is a dance performance existing simultaneously in multiple spaces. A short piece of narrative writing served as a primary source of inspiration for this piece, with the word choices changed into three different versions to convey changes in quality and relationship. In a simplified form, 'spoke,' could become 'blabbered.' The connotation of the second has a sloppier quality that translates to variations in movement.

The dancers will mostly be performing duets located in different areas of Yuan Ru; each duet will embody the movement quality of one edition of the story. With the dancers spread throughout the venue, the audience chooses which dancers to watch, for how long, and what they believe the linking context between the dances/dancers is. Using choice-making and experiential viewing, "Connotations" is an attempt to create the impression that viewing dance does not have to be an intimidating, sit-down-and-watch experience. Rather, it can be exciting, inviting, and personal.

This 30-minute performance will be performed twice each night, with a 15-minute intermission, to allow the audience to make new choices and experience a different perspective during the second viewing.


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