Edmonds Center for the Arts
410 4th Avenue North, The Bowl of Edmonds, Edmonds

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Delbert Anderson Trio is led by Navajo (Diné) Jazz Trumpeter and Composer, Delbert Anderson. He is both a leader and innovator in today's contemporary Jazz scene and a Diné culture-bearer. His work brings forth traditional Diné songs once sung in Diné social circles called "spinning songs," and captures their voice in the language of jazz and funk.

Through the support of visionary multi-cultural Jazz fusion drummers and bassists, Anderson builds safe havens for Diné melodies to converse with various styles and pathways for expression. In all their forms, compositions are guided by the time-immemorial Diné principles of Hózhó-harmony, beauty and balance with self, other and nature and Ké or kinship. In this way, Anderson connects across genre and culture, all the while, remaining steadfast in a signature sound that is as strong as the centuries of traditions it was built upon.

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