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St. James Cathedral
804 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Diabolus in Musica performs Cantores: Music from Chapel of the Popes in Avignon

Named for the dissonant gap in musical pitches thought to evoke the devil in the Middle Ages, the French medieval music ensemble Diabolus in Musica takes you back to the 14th century Avignon Papacy, where bold musical innovation arose amidst religious and political turmoil. Travel among the great manuscripts including Philippe De Vitry’s motets that formed the ars nova period. The male vocalists of Diabolus in Musica will revive your passion for polyphony.


Raphaël Boulay, tenor
Branislav Rakic, tenor
Igor Bouin, baritone
Romain Bockler, baritone
Emmanuel Vistorky, baritone-bass
Philippe Roche, bass


Kyrie Ave Desiderii/In Partu Mirabilis
Credo, Sortes
Sanctus Sanans Fragilia/Salva Nos
Agnus Dei, Heinricus de Libero Castro

Petre Clemens/Lugentium, Philippe De Vitry
O Philippe/O Bone Dux
Firmissime/Adesot/Alleluya, Philippe De Vitry
Zelus Familie/Jhesu tu Dator
Deus in Adjutorium/Deus in Se Notus

O quam Pulchra Puella, Magister Alanus

Kyrie, Guymont
Gloria et Verus Homo Deus
Agnus Dei

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