SIFF Cinema Uptown
511 Queen Anne Avenue North, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

In this madcap fantasy with both global and gender political underpinnings, soccer superstar Diamantino (Carloto Cotta) loses the World Cup for Portugal, despite the presence of the magical fluffy puppies (that only he can see) which usually spur him on to victory.

After fumbling his country's chance at the World Cup, a dimwitted soccer champ undergoes both public shaming and his first ever bout of immobilizing self-doubt. Add to that, his twin sisters have sold him out to a mysterious conglomerate of anti-EU activists looking to both have Portugal leave the European Union AND sneakily administer medical experiments which have a pronounced effect on Diamantino's gender identity. Meanwhile, a young government operative goes undercover in drag in an attempt to monitor the soccer star's political alliances. "If Zoolander had been directed in distracted, alternating stages by Gregg Araki and early-career Almodóvar - well, it still wouldn't be anything quite resembling this, but there's a starting point." - Guy Lodge, Variety

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