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An Improvised D&D Murder Mystery Adventure

Enjoy this mix of long-form improv with dungeons and dragons set in a futuristic fantasy Seattle named Seettle. As the adventures try to discover the murder of a reporter who had dirt on a courier corporation called Daintree, they get caught up in a seedy conspiracy that will change the fate of Seettle forever. Improvisation, gigantic dice rolls, and audience suggestions will make this a can't miss performance for anybody who is a fan of fantasy, mysteries, and Seattle-based parody! Each performance will present it own unique story line and challenges from start to conclusion - while still being part of a 6 night / 6 month story arc. Come for a single night or join us for the entire saga, either way it will be a hilarious and enthralling experience with D&DProv!

Bonnie Kate Wolf
Kat Schelonka
Kendall Uyeji
Richard Lee
Tiger Oakes


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