Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory
305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

  • Henry IV Temp Key Art

King Henry IV’s reign has been rife with conflict from the very beginning, which is not surprising given that he usurped the throne from Richard II. Now, even friends have become enemies as conflict between the King and his former supporters grows. To make matters worse, the King’s son seems disinclined to rule, frequenting the taverns and brothels of London with his friend Sir John Falstaff. Family drama and political intrigue intertwine to make way for a new ruler, and as unrest grows and conflict bubbles, England dares to ask: who has the right to wear the crown? An all-BIPOC company gathers for this epic tale of a polarized nation, a combined adaptation of both parts of Henry IV in a follow up to Drum and Colours from winter 2022.

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