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What the heck is EJF? I'm glad you asked.

EJF (Erin Jorgensen Fest, of course) is a full week of performances anchored by me on marimba (original music & vocals, the return of Bach & Pancakes, meditations, happy hour & more) plus daily performances, classes, films, record listening parties, & lectures from artists & friends.

EJF is all day, all-ages.

I'm proud to say that the fest features an incredible lineup, with music and mini-classes from cellist Lori Goldston, audio legend Steve Fisk, composer/chess wizard Brian Lawlor, opera/noise artist Micaela Tobin, alt-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers, composer Benjamin Marx, armchair philosopher Pini Ben-Or, filmmaker SJ Chiro, neuroscientist/author Chantel Prat, and a ton more. Plus donuts courtesy of Mighty-O!

EJF takes place every day from Aug 1 - 6 at the lovely 18th & Union theater in the Central District. The fest is donation-based and will exist on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be plenty happening all week. Check out the schedule and plan accordingly.


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