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Oscar Tuazon: Collaborator

May 10 - September 15, 2019

With confluent roots in conceptualism, vernacular architecture, and his own roughhewn brand of minimalism, Tuazon often works with steel, glass, and concrete as well as two-by-fours, tree trunks, found objects, and existing cultural fragments. The result is an immersive, sensorial relationship with both site and viewer that encourages audience interaction and inquiry. As the scale and intensity of his do-it-yourself aesthetic overturns the spatial conditions of viewing, sculpture becomes both a tense to inhabit and a series of gestures that can appear to be in motion, still unfolding. Read more here.

Ron Ho: A Jeweler's Tale

May 10 - September 15, 2019

When renowned Northwest jeweler Ron Ho passed away in 2017, he left a treasure trove of his own writings, letters, images, paintings, and objects. Ron Ho: A Jeweler’s Tale collects many of these items, offering a glimpse into what made Ho a treasured artist, educator, friend, and creator of some of the most highly sought after contemporary jewelry in the Northwest and beyond. Read more here.

Emerge/Evolve 2018: Rising Talents in Kiln Glass

August 23 - January 12, 2019

Emerge/Evolve 2018: Rising Talents in Kiln-Glass showcases an international host of emerging artists whose cutting edge work in kiln-glass (or kilnformed glass) offers a different perspective on the medium. Bullseye Glass Company started the Emerge competition 18 years ago as a commitment to emerging artists working in kilnformed glass. Bullseye's Emerge/Evolve 2018 featured 43 finalists—representing 12 countries—alongside new work from four former Emerge finalists showcasing the evolution of their talent. The Bellevue Arts Museum exhibition will feature award winners from the Emerge 2018 competition alongside the Evolve artists.

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