Museum of History & Industry
860 Terry Avenue North, South Lake Union, Seattle

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Maritime Seattle

Continuing MOHAI’s 50+ year partnership with the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS), Maritime Seattle celebrates our community's long relationship with water and illustrates how our aquatic and industrial activities have ultimately shaped what we've become.

Hosted in the historic bridge room, the gallery features stunning views of Lake Union and its bustling world of boats, planes, paddlers, and wildlife. These modern activities are juxtaposed alongside some of MOHAI and PSMHS’s most engaging artifacts such as the working WWII-era TANG periscope with 360 degree views of the city, and a 1885 Fresnel Lens from the Smith Island Lighthouse.

True Northwest: The Seattle Journey

"We have the means and talent to make the city we want in our own time".

This quote by civic activist Jim Ellis concisely captures the theme that underlies MOHAI’s premier core exhibit. By sharing stories from our past, MOHAI helps make sense of the present, and ultimately inspires decisions that help lead to a better future. True Northwest: The Seattle Journey explores some of the trials and tribulations of Seattle on its long and bumpy journey from wilderness to world city.

Visitors stroll through twenty five different "snapshots" of the city through the years, each with a unique display of artifacts, images, and multimedia. Interspersed througout the exhibit are one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, such as the Great Fire Theater and the Canwell Trials reenactment, that let visitors truly immerse themselves in the lives and stories of our past. The Joshua Green Foundation Theater helps contextualize the exhibit through a seven minute multimedia presentation on Seattle's cultural place in the region, the country, and the world.

Bezos Center for Innovation

Explore how innovation shaped our region and changed the world. Through interactive exhibits, community and educational programs, and first-person insights from leading innovators, discover Seattle's role as a nexus of big ideas and new directions - and ignite the innovator within! Generously supported by Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, this is the place to discover the past and future of creativity and invention in our region.

What does innovation look like? Who innovates, where does it happen, and how do great ideas evolve? To find out more, tackle a challenge in the Idea Lab, discover a Seattle-made invention in the Patent Tree, and check out cutting-edge concepts in What's Next. Through lectures, special programs and changing displays, Seattle innovators will share their latest projects and invite you to take a look at the future as it unfolds.


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