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The word “Xopantla” means in verdant times, and “Tianquiztli” refers to an open-air market, which both words come from Nahuatl, an indigenous language spoken by the Aztecs.

We believe that street markets are fascinating remains of the pre-Hispanic era and are still very important for the commercial exchange of most communities and also a great way to communicate ideas and advocate for the community.

You’re all invited to learn, celebrate, and experience the beauty and richness of traditional Mexican arts and culture through a public market highlighting artists and local vendors from the region. As you admire the performers, you can shop, savor street-style Mexican food, sip and enjoy tequila-inspired concoctions, and be moved by what happens throughout the day.

The event is family-friendly, and you’ll find activities that all ages can enjoy.

Xopantla Tianquiztli (XŌPAN, -TLAH TIĀNQUIZ-TLI) is presented in partnership with the Dia de Muertos Festival Committee, dedicated to preserving culture and traditions.

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