Fire Season


Thu Jan 24, 2019 – Sun Feb 17, 2019

Partner Organization

Seattle Public Theater


Seattle Public Theater at the Green Lake Bathhouse
Green Lake
7312 W Greenlake Drive N
Seattle, WA 98103

2017 Emerald Prize Award Winning Play!

When a twelve-year-old boy overdoses on Oxycontin in rural Washington, his small-town community is left reeling. Fire Season -- a brand new, never before seen world premiere by inaugural winner of Seattle Public Theater’s Emerald Prize, Aurin Squire -- is an at times funny and always unflinching look at strong, working class Americans hoping to make it through another day. What happens when systems harm the people they’re supposed to help -- and what does it take to fight back?


Fire Season Uncovers the Brutal Realities of Rural America

“What’s past is prologue.” We hear these words of Shakespeare spoken again and again throughout the play, but does it mean that tomorrow is a fresh start? Or does it reveal that history is doomed to set the scene for one’s inevitable fate? As Fire Season draws us into a series of interconnected narratives in a deserted rural Washington town, we are invited to interpret Shakespeare’s classic quote for ourselves.

Fire Season, written by Aurin Squire and directed by Kelly Kitchens, captures the bleak stories of a few residents in a forgotten rural town. Squire shines light upon the...

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