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305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Fifty years ago Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo 11 lunar module and onto the surface of the moon. For All Mankind tells the story of how he and his crewmates made that journey.

Cooked down from over six million feet of NASA footage, Al Reinert's film thrillingly relays the realization of a national dream. Beginning with President John F. Kennedy's famous declaration that America would put a man on the moon and moving on to the actual realization of that goal, For All Mankind intersperses its stunning footage of rockets in flight, astronauts experiencing zero gravity conditions, and views of the Earth from orbit with interviews with those who directly experienced the voyage beyond our terrestrial plain, all backed by a mysterious and menacing ambient score by Brian Eno. "For All Mankind re-creates the sense of immensity involved in space travel: the grandeur of its ambition, the complexity of its physical details, the sheer infinity of space." - Caryn James, The New York Times

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