The Market Theater
1428 Post Alley, Downtown Seattle, Seattle

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Murder Isn't Always Premeditated...Sometimes It's Improvised.

Famous Writers Collide in Murder-Mystery Improv Parody House of Ink. Seven literary giants assemble for a writing retreat only to have one of them turn up dead in House of Ink, an improvised spoof of locked-room whodunits from Unexpected Productions. Imagine Dr. Seuss, Maya Angelou, Carl Sagan, and Stan Lee trapped in an Agatha Christie plot in which you help solve the crime. It's totally improvised and totally hilarious, with each show a unique mystery. Even the authors change from night to night.

The list of the 20 authors who might be in your performance:
Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, Anthony Bourdain, Charlotte Bronte, Rachel Carson, F Scott Fitzgerald, E.L. James, Franz Kafka, Louis L'Amour, Stan Lee, H.P. Lovecraft, Ada Lovelace, Stephanie Meyer, Dorothy Parker, Carl Sagan, Dr. Seuss, Hunter S. Thompson, J.R.R. Tolkein, Lauren Weisberger


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