Bandit Theatre


Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way Southwest, West Seattle, Seattle

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Have you ever seen an improv show and thought “gosh that looks fun” but never had the opportunity to try it yourself? Now’s your chance! Bandit Theater’s Improv for Everyone is a free two-hour introductory-level workshop with you in mind.

In this workshop you’ll get a taste of hilarious spur-of-the-moment theater through low-stakes exercises that are both approachable and a whole lot of fun. Together we’ll experience a sense of carefree play that celebrates collaboration and stepping out of your head. You’ll meet new people and maybe even discover your new hobby!

No prior performance or comedy experience is expected. Our friendly and supportive instructors are here to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine in a positive space. Improv isn’t just funny, it draws people together and helps us to live in the moment. We’re excited to share that with you.

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