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Ukrainian singer / songwriter and winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Jamala, is to go on her first major USA and Canada tour.

The new show includes music from different periods that will be performed through a special electronic interpretation. The tour name, “Like A Bird”, is a reference to the track of the same name from the "All Or Nothing" (2013) album. The new "Poklyk" EP (2022), recorded during the artist's forced separation from home, will be the center of the performance. The mini-album closely references the singer’s culture and overflows with warm feelings for home.

Since the outbreak of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Jamala has become the voice of her people, taking part in many charitable events supporting her homeland. During 2022 she performed in 20 countries. In May of this year, she received the "Distinguished Leadership Award" from the Atlantic Council of the USA in recognition of her efforts to protect Ukrainian identity and culture during Russia’s invasion. And in December of the same year, the singer was invited to close the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in Washington.

"Art has a superpower, and I live to witness this every day. Every performance, every initiative is a small step towards our great victory. My mission as a representative of Ukrainian culture remains unchanged: to keep reminding the world about my home that is being devastated by war. Performances in the USA and Canada are another opportunity to make our voices heard," – Jamala.

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