• Duendelibre

Join us, for a live concert celebrating Duende Libre’s newest CD release. Alex Chadsey himself is distinguished by a wide range of contexts with his unique musical sensitivity. From keyboards to compositions, Chadsey is a true powerhouse of the Seattle collaborative Jazz world. Jeff Busch is an exuberant drummer/percussionist, vocalist, and composer whose passion for soulful music of varied traditions has led him to perform with jazz, blues, and gospel groups—as well as calypso, samba, and Cuban jazz ensembles.

Their talents collide in their project Duende Libre, which utilizes the American jazz tradition as a point of departure for daring explorations of rhythm and influences from the Americas, Europe, and Africa—yielding catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and wholehearted groove. Sit in with Chadsey, Busch, and others for a performance bringing heavy jazz chops to global sounds with a positive spirit.

The stream of this event will play one time only and will not be available after the concert concludes. Click here to register or tune in!

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