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In advance of our upcoming full festival in July, we are presenting a Seattle Black Film Festival Retrospective, as a part of the Couch-A-Thon Film and Music Festival.

The retrospective will showcase a selection of our favorite award-winning short films from the last 4 years of Seattle Black Film Festival, (formerly the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival). Featuring films from across the US, with a special focus on Pacific Northwest directors, including Jamaal Bradley and Kiana Harris.

Programming will include Bradley’s animated short “SUBSTANCE,” and Harris’ dance film series “Aje Ijo.” The retrospective is geared to ramp up excitement for this year’s Seattle Black Film Festival this July, which will be hosted entirely online by Couch-A-Thon. The July festival will feature notable selections “Headless into Night” by Nifemi Madarikan, “a really interesting piece that kind of jumps the line between fantasy, narrative, with some very gorgeous sequences, very artistic sequences,” and “Our Troll” by D.J. Walker.


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