Grand Illusion Cinema
1403 Northeast 50th Street, Northeast Seattle, Seattle

Lost Angelas

William Wayne / 2019, USA
88min / digital

***Director William Wayne scheduled to be in attendance Fri 11/22 + Sat 11/23!***

​​Best actress nominee Angela Rose (Korrina Rico) is missing and the only lead to her over-publicized disappearance is her ex-fiancé and struggling screenwriter, Jake Hart (William Wayne). Searching for Angela and haunted by memories he cannot explain, Jake must relive all his encounters with notorious film director Walt Warshaw (Jon Jacobs) to discover the truth. Lost Angelas is a Neo noir psychological thriller set in the underbelly of Hollywood. The film explores topical, controversial and complex themes of sexuality in Hollywood and the actresses role as a muse to a male dominated industry of writers & directors and the blurred lines that result.

For show times see HERE.

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