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Lumberjacks and Logrollers is the most comprehensive survey ever assembled of the lumberjack film, a uniquely Scandinavian cinema genre. The genre hit its stride in the '30s with a Golden Age of Finnish Cinema that combined an aesthetic appreciation of Finnish landscapes with tales of working-class people and lots of boisterous singing. Put on your best flannels and join us in celebration of a century of Finnish independence with films of foresting Finns, from silent dramas to a merry musical!

Jul. 12 at 8pm
Ferryboat Romance (On lautalla pienoinen kahvila)
(Thure Bahne, Finland, 1952, 87 min)
* Followed by a Q&A with festival curator Dr. Vito Adriaensens *

In this musical romance, a beautiful journalist visits the countryside to write about its timber industry. Looking for a room, she quickly finds her way into a merry community of singing loggers, and receives attention both wanted and unwanted from among them.

Jul. 13 at 8pm
Puget Soundtrack: Geist & The Sacred Ensemble present The Lumberjack's Bride
(Erkki Karu, Finland, 1923, 97 min, silent film with live music)
* Live score featuring local musicians! *

Drone-metal and doom-inflected folk ritual practitioners Geist & The Sacred Ensemble drive this drama of a tragic lumberjack rafting accident that drowns a young man, leading to a rift in a small Finnish village. Local passions ignite over the sister of the drowned man, leading to murderous conspiracy and more feisty rafting.

Jul. 14 at 6pm
The Song of the Scarlet Flower (Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta)
(Teuvo Tulio, Finland, 1938, 106 min)

An itinerant logger roams the countryside seducing and then abandoning women until his wayward past comes back to haunt him. Crafted in Teuvo Tulio's distinctively excessive melodramatic style, this film overflows with beautifully decorative landscapes, intense performances, and a dash of German Expressionist influence.

Jul. 14 at 8:30pm
The Day the Earth Froze (Sampo)
(Aleksandr Ptushko, Finland & Soviet Union, 1959, 67 min)

In a story loosely based on Kalevala, the Finnish national epic poem and one of the most significant works of Finnish national identity, a witch steals the sun to spite a community of peaceful loggers that do not want to build her a magic mill. With profoundly saturated color, trolls, and heady mysticism, this Soviet-Finnish production is unlike anything you've seen.

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