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Redmond Watershed Preserve
21760 Northeast Novelty Hill Road, Redmond

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May the 4th is a special day for fans of Star Wars.

In the spirit of Star Wars, this will be a FUN opportunity to get out your lightsaber and practice your best Darth Vader impersonation, as well as dress up in your favorite holiday race outfit!

DID YOU KNOW? May 4th has become known as Star Wars Day, an unofficial holiday that gets its origin from a line of dialogue in the first movie released in George Lucas' space saga, "Star Wars: A New Hope." In that film, released in 1977, General Dodonna encourages the rebel fighters before they begin their assault on the Death Star, "Then man your ships! And may the Force be with you!" After that, the saying crops up regularly in the films, books, video games and across the Star Wars universe.

What you get:



-Ticket (for cookie dough!)

-Free race photos & results!

-Shirt (order by 4/13/22)

-Additional race swag at the race

-A portion of the proceeds benefits the charity of the month: TBD


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