Jet City Improv


Jet City Improv
5510 University Way Northeast, Northeast Seattle, Seattle

  • Mile high club

Mile High Club is all about...

  • Long form improv! – A series of scenes connected either by story or pattern, but not by a specific theme or genre.
  • Freedom! – This show is not obscene by design, but unlike our flagship Jet City Improv show, there are no family friendly restrictions. So, buckle up and leave the kids at home.
  • New and unique! – For the first time JCI will have a regular long form show that will feature a variety of well known improv formats as well as brand new forms created here at the theater!
  • Expertise! – Our improvisers have a lot of experience in long form formats and they’re excited to bring their knowledge and energy to this show!
  • Laughter! – No thematic restrictions means our ensemble gets to bring their hilarious and creative thoughts and ideas straight to the stage.


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