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This is for the North Enders in the house!

Scarecrow Video is happy to present Movies by the Tower at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park for four Saturdays starting August 5th. And just like the marvelous curation at the Best Video Store in the World, these four Asian-centered stories are perfectly selected for a summer audience. And did we mention it’s free?

Shaolin Soccer (August 5th): Stephen Chow’s completely out-of-control and entirely irresistible martial arts soccer action comedy from 2001, like a video game come to life mixed with Looney Tunes gags and high-flying and high-scoring kung fu.

Turning Red (August 12th): Disney/Pixar made a mistake releasing this superb and pop music-infused animated comedy straight to Disney+ in 2022, so show that conglomerate what’s up when you gather with your neighbors to enjoy this Toronto-set tale of a young Chinese Canadian girl whose teenage rage turns her into a giant red panda.

The Paper Tigers (August 19th): Haven’t heard of this 2020 action comedy made in Seattle? Now’s your chance, as three middle-aged men reunite to avenge the death of their kung fu master. Maybe beforehand, have a killer meal at Kona Kitchen a few blocks away, a delicious Hawaiian restaurant owned by one of the film’s costars and producers (and Karate Kid II villain), Yuji Okumoto.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (August 26th): Ang Lee’s crossover hit from 2000 is an epic, glorious, and devastating wuxia melodrama of good, evil, and all the shades in between, starring Zhang Ziyi, Chow Yun-fat, and recent Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh.


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