Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute
104 17th Avenue South, Central District, Seattle

  • Mutha

DOORS OPEN at 2:30pm

EVENT 3pm-6pm

Curated by Adra Boo

Michael B. Maine Photography PhotoBooth (Before & After the event)
2pm-3pm & 5pm-6pm

CD Forum invites you to a special event Mutha! A Tribute to Who Mothered You on Saturday, May 13, 2023 at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

Flowers for the Mutha Figures! Be it your actual mother, or someone in your life who has mothered you, gathered you in love and guidance, provided for you when a traditional mother wasn't able to... aunties, big cousins, the Black femmes and thems, the elders up the street, teachers and coaches, and the like of folx who have loved on and continue to love on you. Bring them to this wonderful gathering of music and love.

Emcee/Performer : Ada Boo

Shaina Shepherd
Jayza Duhon
Amber Flame
and more
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