Cornish's Raisbeck Performing Hall
2015 Boren Avenue, Downtown Seattle, Seattle

The first installment of Cornish's Annual 'New Works Festival' will feature 5 10-minute plays all written and performed by current students in the Theater Department!
Each performance will include the following 10-minute plays:

"Bury Me Under the Willow" by Elizabeth Wynn

Siblings Finch and Liliah May come to terms with dreams, family, and illness while the sun sets over a small cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains.

"Iphigenia" by Molli Elwell

In the weeks leading up to her wedding, a young woman in a weekly women's bible study group is troubled with dreams of the sacrificed Iphigenia.

"Kitty Play Time" by Jo Astrid Branchflower

Izzy wants to create meaningfully, against her messy nature and low self esteem with the aid of Kitty, her emotional support animal.

"Porch Lights," by Madeleine Beckner

Peeks into the lives of two best friends and how they fall apart.

"What Ever Happened to Shirley's Time?" by Franco Weaver

During Shirley's funeral in 1987, it is revealed to her son, Rene, that her entrepreneurial endeavors were successful only in part to her time traveling to the 2000's.

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