On the Boards


On the Boards
100 West Roy Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

  • Nicola Gunn

Join Nicola Gunn as she presents her fictional self as the subject of a fictional retrospective of her fictional work. An unclassifiable excursion into the gap between woman and myth, Gunn’s work is a dazzling whirl of video, sculpture, illustration, photography, text, audience debate and live performance. With wry humour and a playful sense of the absurd, Gunn transforms an art exhibition into an interdisciplinary free-for-all, where her identity both as a person and an artist is moulded and reshaped before your very eyes. Immersive and entertaining, In Spite of Myself is a mind-bending exploration of the nebulous line between who we are, who we say we are and who we seem to be.

PLEASE NOTE: This performance includes haze.

"While everyone was busy making contemporary works with children and venerating youth, I realised there was a whole demographic of under-utilised and invisible old people – and specifically old women – that I could put to work in my art. I give them something to do; they give me art: it’s as simple as that. I strongly believe in empowerment and giving overlooked demographics a voice. The old women in my show don’t talk necessarily, and they definintely aren’t getting paid, but they are being useful and I think there’s beauty in that.” Nicola Gunn


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