Nocturnal Emissions: Phantasm


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Northwest Film Forum


Northwest Film Forum
Capitol Hill
1515 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

At age 23, Don Coscarelli wrote, produced, and directed this prog-rock-tinged indie creeptacular about a brave family in a small Oregon town who dare to defy a sinister, otherworldly undertaker known only as “The Tall Man,” portrayed in an iconic performance by booming-voiced, 6-foot-4-inch actor Angus Scrimm. A chilling tale of post-mortem terror featuring a previously unimagined nightmare-inducing weapon – the Tall Man’s flying, brain-drilling silver steel sphere – Phantasm not only inspired a franchise, but is a film designed to scare you… to death!

The Captivating Crypt-keeper of the Catacombs, Isabella Price, will stop your heart with pre-film undead burlesque, and to prepare you for the slab, we’ll be offering free shots of embalming fluid!

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