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The pastoral farmlands surrounding the Central California Women’s Facility, the world’s largest women’s prison, help conceal the reproductive and human rights violations transpiring inside its walls.

A courageous woman who was involuntarily sterilized at the facility teams up with a radical lawyer to stop these violations. They spearhead investigations that uncover a series of statewide crimes, primarily targeting women of color, from inadequate access to healthcare, to sexual assault, to illegal sterilization. Together with a team of tenacious heroines, both in and out of prison, they take to the courtroom to fight for reparations.

But no one believes them.

As additional damning evidence is uncovered by the Center for Investigative Reporting, a media frenzy and series of hearings provide hope for some semblance of justice. Yet doctors and prison officials contend that the procedures were in each person’s best interest and of an overall social benefit. Evoking the visceral weight of a nation’s legacy of eugenics, Belly of the Beast presents a decade-long, infuriating contemporary legal drama.

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