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Zoom Q&A w/ Filmmakers*
Sep. 21 at 5:45pm PDT

Another Word for Learning is a unique documentary about the freedom to choose one’s own education, even if that means leaving the school system altogether. Following a mother and daughter’s intimate journey of (re)discovering their connection to their culture while living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, we see what repercussions Aisha’s educational choices will have on her family and community. Ultimately Another Word demonstrates how the decision to self-direct one’s education can pave a way to broader decolonization.In a world where school diplomas are supposed to offer access to the next rung on the social and economic ladder, can those who don’t fit into the dominant public school model still survive – and thrive?*All ticketholders will receive access to Zoom Q&A with:
– Another Word for Learning – Jadis M. Dumas (Director), Aisha O’Sullivan (Film Subject)
– Dzunuḵ̓wa – Ritchie Hemphill (Director)


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