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O, Wonder! is Seattle Shakespeare Company’s all-ages scavenger hunt-style adventure game! Teams can join via a mobile app and complete Shakespeare-related missions for points. Missions include answering questions or completing activities and submitting photos or videos. The missions can be done at home or within your neighborhood. Teams may join the game at any point, and anyone can play! New missions will be released until the end of the game, all within the app GooseChase.

How to participate

  1. Download the GooseChase app onto your mobile device. The app is free and available in Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account or log in as a guest. Only one account is needed per team. A team can be an individual or a group of people (see Teams section)
  3. Enter the game code QMG5VV or search for “O, Wonder! – A Seattle Shakespeare Interactive Adventure” in the app.
  4. Be sure to allow notifications so you’ll know when new mission are released
  5. Select or create your team. (see Teams section)
  6. Missions will be released weekly starting July 9.
  7. Complete missions to earn points.
  8. View everyone’s entries on the activity feed and share your accomplishments on social media.
  9. Have fun!


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