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Social activist Patrisse Cullors is the New York Times bestselling author of When They Call You A Terrorist and the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. Since she began the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013, it has expanded into a Nobel Peace Prize-nominated global foundation, supporting Black-led movements in the US, UK, and Canada.

Now, in her new book, An Abolitionist’s Handbook, Cullors charts a framework for how everyday activists can effectively fight for an abolitionist present and future. Filled with relatable pedagogy on the history of abolition, a reimagining of what reparations look like for Black lives and real-life anecdotes from Cullors, An Abolitionist’s Handbook offers a bold, innovative, and humanistic approach to how to be a modern-day abolitionist.

Cullors will be in conversation with Our Existence Beyond Trauma Series curator, Ijeoma Oluo, for this online-only event, which is co-presented by Langston Seattle.

An Abolitionist’s Handbook is for those who are looking to reimagine a world where communities are treated with dignity, care and respect. It gives us permission to move away from cancel culture and into visioning change and healing.

In An Abolitionist’s Handbook, readers will learn how to:

  • have courageous conversations
  • move away from reaction and towards response
  • take care of oneself while fighting for others
  • turn inter-community conflict into a transformative action
  • expand one’s imagination
  • think creatively, and find the courage to experiment
  • make justice joyful
  • practice active forgiveness
  • make space for difficult feelings and honor mental health
  • practice non-harm and cultivate compassion
  • organize local and national governments to work towards abolition
  • move away from cancel culture

TIME 100 named Patrisse Cullors as one of the 100 most influential people in 2020. Patrisse has led multiple Los Angeles-based organizations, including Dignity and Power Now, Justice LA and Reform LA Jails. These organizations have won progressive ballot measures, fought against a $3.5 billion jail plan, and implemented the first-ever Civilian Oversight Commission of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Cullors is also the faculty director of Arizona’s Prescott College, a new Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program, which she developed nesting a curriculum focused on the intersection of art, social justice, and community organizing that is first of its kind in the nation.

As an outspoken abolitionist and artist, Cullors combined these two passions in early February 2020 when she teamed up with Noé Olivas and Alexandre Dorriz to serve as a co-founder of the Crenshaw Dairy Mart, a reimagined art gallery and studio dedicated to shifting the trauma-induced conditions of poverty and economic injustice, bridging cultural work and advocacy, and investigating ancestries through the lens of Inglewood and its community.

Not stopping there, Cullors is also a former staff writer on Freeform’s Good Trouble series as well as an actress on the show. She also co-produced the 12-part YouTube Originals series titled RESIST, that premiered November 18, 2020. In 2020, Cullors signed an overall production deal with Warner Brothers, where she intends to continue to uplift Black stories, talent, and creators that are transforming the world of art and culture.

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