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When Autumn, Maya, Raven, and Zoe graduated from 6th grade, they marked the occasion by eating too much pizza, playing their very cool new board game, “Secret Admirer,” and pinky-promising that they'd be best friends forever. Fifteen years later, Autumn’s getting married and audiences are invited to their virtual sleepover reunion, where the four friends reconnect and rediscover their affection for the ‘90s nostalgia-infused (and, um, surprisingly patriarchal?) board game… Until the fictional secret admirers from the game itself—high school boys, all—suddenly appear in the Zoom room, ready to spill the beans with an agenda of their own!

Created by Danielle Mohlman with Dacha Theatre and directed by Kate Drummond, this devised digital play features an original interactive board game— and invites audiences to join the fun, too!

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