• Shot 2016 17 dsc 3521 by nate waters

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We need you to share in the heavy lifting of this demolition project.

Please ask yourself the following questions before and after viewing SHOT and Strange Fruit:

  • What am I DOING to move the needle forward toward racial equality?
  • What am I DOING to dismantle racism and White supremacy?
  • Do I think that I need to DO something?
  • If I think that I am already DOING, do I think that is enough?
  • Do I want to begin to, or DO more to, end the violence directed towards Black and Brown people?
  • What am I PERSONALLY going to give up to dismantle White supremacy?

We do not pose these questions as a way to make you feel guilty or to shame you. That is not their intention. Think of them as tools for you to begin to measure where you are and how you might move into ACTION.


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