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Through the Night is an intimate cinéma vérité portrait of three working mothers whose lives all intersect at a 24-hour daycare center: a mother working the overnight shift as an essential worker at a hospital; another holding down three jobs just to support her family; and a woman who for over two decades has cared for the children of parents with nowhere else to turn. A tender portrait of titanic strength, love, and selflessness, Through the Night showcases the multiplicity of “women’s work” – paid, underpaid, and unpaid; emotional and physical; domestic and career-oriented – all while negotiating the terms of a dignified existence under the three arrows of racism, sexism, and capitalism in America.

Directed and produced by Loira Limbal, a Sundance Institute Fellow and a former Ford Foundation Justfilms/Rockwood Fellow. All images on this page courtesy of Cinema Guild. Visit their press page for this film for full photo credits.

Limbal’s documentary shines a light on the unspoken backbone of our economy, the child care workers who make it possible for millions of parents to go to work each day and the precarity and challenges facing them each day. It accomplishes this through a sympathetic story, humanizing the experiences of a small community that blossomed out of this 24-hour daycare.” – Remezcla

“Through the Night is both celebration and indictment. A sympathetic depiction of “women’s work,” in all its unsung dignity, it’s also a quietly damning portrait of a merciless economy’s effect on working-class mothers — particularly black women and Latinas, who often must work taking care of other people’s children in order to feed their own.” – The Hollywood Reporter

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